Our future needs YOU!

URU has just completed year three, or better known to some as season six.  We service over 400 families in our spring season and 275 families in the fall.  We have found success!  In order to keep this successful momentum moving forward and growing, we need you!  


We need volunteers to come on board this team.  We are asking those interested to take an area that they are interested in and make it theirs to share with everyone in the club.  To own this area of the club and to make it the best they can imagine!  Only through the investment of those who care, who want more for the community will we realize our true potential for soccer in the Southern Oregon region. 

Administration Building FD3

Administration Building FD3

Join the directors and board of URU at the monthly board meetings.  

See our VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES 2018 and join the team today!