Interested persons gathered together in August 2016 and created the formal organizational framework of URU.  URU president (now executive director) Nita Lundberg said, "This is an exciting moment that will aid our Upper Rogue soccer program in standing the test of time and servicing families equability."

The URU board will meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month with the exception of December in which no meeting will be held.  The annual meeting for officer elections will be in July.  

 Appointed through nomination for this first organizational meeting were:

Rod Edwards - Board Chair

Raquel Garay - Board Vice Char

Juan Palomares - Board Member

Jonathan Bilden - Board Secretary

Matthew Soper - Board Member


Nita Lundberg, URU executive director

Matthew Soper, URU director

Mike Hussey, URU director

Others in attendance, Wendy Daw