Field Rules keep everyone safe and allow play to continue without delay. Help keep our DLSO referees eyes on the game by cheering your child during their game from 3 feet behind the SIDELINE (also called) touchline. In the photo below the SIDELINE is the white line just below the YELLOW highlight. Spectators are not allowed on the ENDLINE (also called) GOALLINE, where the goals are positioned.

In addition, spectators are not allowed to sit with the coaches and team. If your child is injured during the game please allow the coach to assess the situation. Your coach will contact you during the game if you are needed on the coach/team sideline.

When spectators sit only on the SIDELINE across from the team & coaches, the players, coaches and referees are able to perform their best.

Sitting on the ENDLINE or by a team/coach can cause game delay, distracted referees during game play and those in violation run the risk of being asked to leave the field.

You can help reduce germs on the fields by keeping your pet at home. Pets are not allowed on fields.

Please share this message with all soccer families. By increasing awareness of soccer etiquette, everyone attending the games will enjoy their experience more.

We all want the BEST for our children. Upper Rogue United Futbol Club supports safe practices that help kids, coaches, referees and parents all enjoy their game day.