All players and parents of players who have registered as a member of Upper Rogue United Futbol Club, Inc.  (URUnited) will be expected to follow a code of conduct. This promotes developmental competition, sportsmanship, accountability, responsibility and overall good citizenship within the Upper Rogue and your sports communities.  A player's voluntary participation in any URUNITED program or activity indicates that the player and parent has read and understands the code of conduct and agrees with the values as listed.

URUNITED players will not use alcohol or illicit substances at any time. 

URUNITED players will not use profanity. 

URUNITED players arrive prior to scheduled games, practices, team functions as requested by coach. 

URUNITED players will accept responsibility for all fouls and not talk back to the coach or referee. 

URUNITED players will not retaliate against any foul. Violators of this rule will be removed from the field. 

URUNITED players will acknowledge the referees' efforts at the end of each game by shaking their hands and thanking them. 

URUNITED players will shake hands with their opponents after each game. 

URUNITED players demonstrate good sportsmanship to all, be respectful and responsible to team mates, coaches, parents, opponents at all times. 

URUNITED players will have proper equipment including: appropriate training attire (clothes/footwear), shin guards, and properly inflated ball. 

URUNITED players will notify your coach as early as possible that you will not be attending a team function. 

Parents and friends of URUNITED players will refrain from talking to or yelling at the referees or other teams' players. Teach good sportsmanship by modeling good sportsmanship. 

Parents and friends of URUNITED players will refrain from coaching any player from the sidelines. Cheering and encouragement are always welcome.


All coaches have URU training support, individual experiences and views that enable them to strive to get all players to the highest standards listed in the URU Code of Conduct. 

Not all children will possess some or all of these attributes in one season, or two, or three…..

I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. ~ George Benson

Please address concerns with your coaching staff.  Know that some situations are confidential and the coach may not be able to share information with you that you perceive as unfair.